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Drive carefully in wet conditions warning 30/4/15

With up to 150mm of rain expected on Friday and a further 50mm on Saturday, Sunshine Coast Council is urging motorists to drive to the conditions and be extra cautious on the roads.

Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) Coordinator Andrew Ryan said traffic accidents were the main concern with this level of rainfall.

“Coming out of a period of dry weather our roads can become very slippery with heavy rain due to a build-up of tar, rubber, oil and fine grit,” Mr Ryan said.

“There’s often an increase in traffic accidents when there’s significant rainfall like this, so we’re urging people to take care and drive to the conditions.


“There may be some localised flooding and road closures, so it’s important the community visits Council’s Disaster Hub website for up to date information.

“Disaster Hub lists all road closures, weather conditions, emergency warnings and community advice messages issued during a weather event.”