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Proposed Flight Path over Sunshine Coast Update: 2/11/2015

Sunshine Coast Council is hosting a public meeting on Monday, November 9, to outline the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project, its significance to the region and to provide an opportunity for the community to ask questions.

Photo: Proposed flight path over region

The meeting will be held at Novotel Twin Waters Resort, Ocean Drive, Twin Waters at 5.30pm for 5.45pm start.

Public submissions on the project’s Additional Environmental Impact Study (AIES) opened today (November 2) and will close on November 30.

Mayor Mark Jamieson said it was important the community had access to correct information so they were fully informed on the project and be knowledgeable about any claims being made.

“Council has welcomed the State Coordinator-General’s advice that the community will have an opportunity to comment on the AEIS,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“The public was invited to make submissions on the original environmental impact study late last year* and this second phase will enable the public to view the additional information council provided in response.

“The Coordinator-General had advised that council’s AEIS had substantially addressed the issues raised in submissions received during the earlier Environmental Impact Study.

“As a result, there have been no material changes to the proposed airport expansion project.

“This shows how robust the project has been from the very beginning.

“The AEIS provides detailed responses to issues raised by the community and government stakeholders during the EIS public notification period which concluded in November 2014 and I encourage the community to review the document.”

Mayor Jamieson said the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion was a significant regional project which would benefit Sunshine Coast residents for generations to come.

“The project will help boost tourism and international trade because the expanded airport will potentially cater for up to two million more passengers each year,” he said.

“Importantly, due to the runway realignment, 3500 fewer dwellings will be affected by noise each day in 2020.

“It will also help our export businesses, particularly those operating in the agricultural sector, to get their products and services to markets faster and more efficiently.

“The airport expansion will contribute $4.1 billion to the value of the economy and generate more than 2230 jobs between 2020-2040.

“It will ensure the region has a functional airport for jet aircraft into the future and will enable more direct flights to more locations in Australia and across the globe.

“The expansion will also provide access for larger, more fuel efficient aircraft.

The project is expected to be completed by 2020, subject to obtaining all necessary approvals and funding.

Photo: Graffiti Artists have their say on shed previously on private property, now owned by Sunshine Coast Airport

The AEIS will be displayed on the Office of the Coordinator-General’s website, council’s website, customer contact centres and libraries, Noosa Shire Council office and its council libraries, Bribie Island Library, State Library of Queensland and National Library of Australia during the public notification period from November 2 to 30.


Previously published article on 4562 Eumundi Online Magazine:

"Fury Over Flight Paths" 

We spoke to long time local Andrew Wallace about his submission to the Office of the Coordinator-General, Queensland Government.

"The Sunshine Coast Council has failed to accept its obligation under the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) to consider the impact on properties up to 40 km from the airport. They have only considered the effect of N70 events (the loudest ) and concluded that as the events are mainly in the five nautical mile zone." he said

Mr Wallace said the first and only public meeting in Eumundi which was organised by protestors of the project, not the Sunshine Coast Council, was held on 10th November at Eumundi CWA Hall and was only three days before the submission closure date and didn't give people enough time to sift through the volumes of information.

Councillor Rogerson said at that public meeting "The reason why Eumundi Verrierdale and Doonan residents were not fully consulted was because the Council did not think they were affected".

"This is a clear indication that the Council has failed to accept it obligation under the EIS to consider the impact on properties up to 40 km from the airport." he said

Mr Wallace said the terms of the EIS require it to take into consideration potential impacts from changes to aircraft operation within a 20 nautical mile (40 km) radius of the airport. Page 7 of the Aircraft noise Booklet shows Doonan, Eumundi Verrierdale and Yandina Creek as areas directly under the proposed realigned flight path and within five and ten nautical miles from the airport .

"The proposed flight paths show the arriving aircraft descending between 3000-and 1500 feet between an area to the North west of Eumundi and Yandina Creek -yet when assessing the impact of aircraft noise on the thousands of houses and properties in that area -no assessment of the adverse impact (or those properties that would be negatively impacted ) has been prepared to match this list of properties supposedly benefited and contained within the EIS (of which 61% are in Twin waters and Maroochydore). The EIS is accordingly flawed because it promotes the benefits of the Councils preferred option without properly assessing disadvantaged areas within the 40 kilometre EIS impact zone. The Council has effectively used the EIS process to send a ‘sales pitch’ to the state and federal government which is a failure of the Council as an arm of government to act impartially and in the interest of all its constituents." he said

Mr Wallace said 77% of arrivals will adopt this proposed flight path and will be doing so at well below the 5000 feet level which air space Australia regards as creating ’’significant aircraft noise’(quote from EIS Statement).

4562 Eumundi Online Mag sighted Mr Wallace's requests for information on the proposed flight paths as late as August 2013.

In an email to Mr Wallace dated Thursday, 5 September 2013 9:01 AM Lauren Creevey On behalf of Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project said "Aircraft noise will be considered in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as part of the study of flight paths for the new runway. The draft EIS report will illustrate proposed flight paths and Sunshine Coast Airport will ensure that information is presented in clear and easy to understand language for members of the community to access, review and comment."

"You and the wider community will be able to view this information and make comment during a formal public consultation period to be held in early 2014. Further information on the exact date of release will be made available towards the end of this year." she said

Mr Wallace was assured he would receive project updates and information when available by Ms Creevy to no avail.

It was only after another email from Mr Wallace on 30th October 2014 that he received a response (3 November 2014) about the current Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project.

Mr Wallace said "There has been no assessment undertaken as to the environmental impact on our RSPCA Wildlife Centre. The flight path is directly above this wildlife recovery refuge shelter on Noosa Eumundi Road. This facility cares for injured wildlife including koalas, lizards, birds and other marsupials injured as a result of interaction with human settlement. Further subjecting these recovering animals to ‘significant aircraft noise’ will severely impact their recuperation."

"It will also be directly above recognised Grey Osprey habitat (Cnr Eumundi Noosa Rd & Den Rd Verrierdale) recognised by State Government (DNR&M) as habitat of important diversity. Aircraft approach heights will be within range of Osprey and will severely impact its feeding hunting and breeding cycles."

"And further more the Flight path is directly above Eumundi Conservation Park –an area designated as a recreational reserve due to its high ecological significance. The Applicant Council has failed completely in assessing the impacts on its own conservation park." he said

Mr Wallace said that requiring people to use an “on line” aircraft noise tool to assess noise impact alienates everybody who does not have an internet connection or who is not computer literate. Additionally, to get an indication of flight paths the “virtual fly through” has been designed and presented from a perspective obscuring the identity of the properties affected by the realigned flight path.

"Once again the EIS is not a complete statement because it requires stakeholders to go to a source not contained within the EIS to object to the proposal." he said

Mr Wallace said the EIS has not been completed properly and fails to address the stakeholders concerned and the social impact on them despite the mandatory obligation to do so.

Andrew Wallace specialises in legal conveyancing and has lived in Eumundi for over 20 years. His property is directly under the proposed flight path.

Mayor Jamieson said any comments, questions or submissions should be directed to the Office of the Coordinator-General during the public notification period. Visit:


In a recent email (November 2015) to a Eumundi Resident opposing the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion from Mick Lord, Director, Coordinated Project Delivery, Office of the Coordinator-General said "The project proponent, the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, owns and operates the Sunshine Coast Airport. The project involves the development of a new runway and associated infrastructure at the existing airport site at Marcoola, approximately five kilometres north of Maroochydore. Construction would also include extraction of up to 1.1 million cubic metres of sand from the Spitfire Realignment Channel at Moreton Bay and a temporary pump-out site and pipeline at Marcoola Beach.

The EIS for the Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion project was available for public comment from 29 September 2014 to 13 November 2014. Following an evaluation of submissions received on the EIS, the Coordinator-General determined that additional information was required to address matters raised by members of the public and advisory agencies.

The Coordinator-General has reviewed the additional information to the EIS (AEIS) and determined that it should be released for public submission from 2 November 2015 until 5pm 30 November 2015.

The AEIS and related project documents will be available at:

Following the review period, the Coordinator-General will prepare his evaluation report using the all relevant material, including submissions received.

Further information titled: "Fast Facts" received from Sunshine Coast Council outlined:

The Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion Project will:

· contribute $4.1 billion to the Sunshine Coast economy (2020-2040)

· generate more than 2230 jobs (2020-2040)

· ensure the region has a function airport for jet aircraft into the future

· enable more direct flights to more locations in Australia and across the globe

· provide access for larger, more fuel efficient aircraft

· result in 3500 fewer dwellings being affected by noise each day by 2020.

*The public was invited to make submissions on the original environmental impact study for 30 days from September 29 to November 13, 2014.